You are currently viewing Vultr VPS with open Source Vestacp Free.

Vultr VPS with open Source Vestacp Free.

If you are thinking about getting started with hosting your own WordPress website there are several options to consider, shared hosting is a popular option, this is when you subscribe to hosting provider where you’ll be provided with a Webhosting control panel but the thing to remember here is that your website will be hosted on a shared server where there will be hundreds or even thousands of other websites as well as your website, the host providers will not allow you admin access to the server to configure the server to your particle requirements.

To truly have full control over your server you will need a Virtual Private Servers or VPS when you think about a VPS you may think that this could be really expensive and you will be right however it doesn’t have to be with a little knowledge and a few video tutorials I can show you how set up very own VPS for as little as $5 a month and for a short period of time you can use the link provided to the bottom of this page to receive $100 of Free hosting, working out to 20 months of Free web hosting on!

Creating Instance on Vultr

You will need to create your account on with the link provided below to qualify for Free $100 credit then follow the guide below to set up your first Vultr Instance.

Creating a Vultr Instance (VPS)

Creating a Vultr Instance (VPS) affordable cloud computing.

Installing Vestacp on Ubuntu 18.04

Once your instance has been created using the credentials provided on your vaultr instance dashboard connect through SSH, I like MobsXterm as it’s easy to use and the Home version is Free to Download Click Here. Then follow the video below to instal

Install Vesta control panel on Ubuntu 18.04

Installing Vestacp on Ubuntu 18.04 LSR using vulter Instance.

  • Using the above tutorials you can and set up your own VPS from as little as $5 per month.
  • Install any content management system including WordPress, Joomla and Bootstrap to name a few.
  • For a limited time only get $100 of Free hosting from Vultr by clicking on the image below.
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