Shared Dropbox Account

Share your Dropbox folders with friends useing dropbox uploader php scrip. Dropbox Uploader is a PHP script that turns your web server into a Dropbox portal so your friend can upload with ease without having a dropbox account.

Amit Banerjee, writing for the computer tips and tricks blog Ampercent, shares a great little script that makes it easy for people to upload files to your Dropbox folder. You’ll need a personal web host with PHP support, a Dropbox account, and a few minutes of time to tweak the PHP script variables to match your Dropbox account details. Check out the video above to see the setup and the Dropbox Uploader in action.
Visit the link at bottom of the page to read the full guide on setting it up at Ampercent or jump to the via link to grab the polished version from Addictive Tips. Have a clever script of your own to share? Let’s hear about it in the comments.
This solution can also be used for your Joomla website by following the steps bellow.
1. Create a directory in your joomla root folder.
2. Configure the php script with your dropbox account and upload file to the new directory created in step 1.
3. Create a new external link or wrapper in joomla menu.

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