Learn Programming in 7 Days

Python Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Programming in 7 Days

Python is an object-oriented programming language created by Guido Rossum. In this interactive tutorial learn python programming from basics concepts to advanced with python 2 and 3 examples.

guru99 recently created Python Tutorials that took 160+ hours to create with beautifully annotated screenshots and it is very comprehensive.
The tutorials are created by Google veterans.

The course covers
Python Basics like Introduction, Environment setup and Install Guide.


It also introduces Main Function, Variables, Strings, Tuple, Conditional Statements, OOP Concepts, and Loop.

They also touch on advanced topics like Regex Tutorial, OS Module, Shell Script Commands, and XML Parser.
Head over to guru99 for the above and much more!!

Python Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Python Programming in 7 Days

Learn Python programming for beginners in just 5 days! Click here to take our free and easy Python tutorials, right now. No experience required.

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